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Hi, I’m Ada, welcome to my blog! I write about my boring life as a 26-year-old living in a small city in England. Most of my posts are about my embroideries, tv shows and books, with the occasional personal entry about my life during a pandemic.

Please stay, have some tea, and read along.

My latest posts

April 2021 Book Wrap Up

April went by so fast! It’s so weird that it’s May already. I feel like my brain is still in March. I read eight books this month, which seems to be my monthly average. I also tried listening to an audiobook for the first time, but I didn’t like it. I found myself daydreaming while I was supposed to be listening to the book. I think the monotonous voice plus the slow reading aren’t for me. I’ll stick with podcasts for now. … More April 2021 Book Wrap Up

Craftpod Spring 2021 – Cross-Stitching for the first time

The start of a new season doesn’t mean much for most people, but for me, it means there’s a new Craftpod to explore, and the Spring box was a good one.

I’ve never been a fan of cross stitch, I’ve always considered it something older people do to pass the time. I’ve previously looked down on cross stitch. I don’t consider myself a snob, but I guess I am a bit snobby when it comes to stitching techniques. … More Craftpod Spring 2021 – Cross-Stitching for the first time

March 2021 Book Wrap Up

I don’t want to say this, but March was a low reading month for me. I discovered the BBC show Line Of Duty, and I’ve been binge-watching it every night, which is usually when I read. So don’t judge me! This month I’ve only read six books and a half. … More March 2021 Book Wrap Up

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February 2021 Book Wrap Up

New month, new books to review. This month I read seven books, including two graphic novels. I considered reading only romance books because it’s February, but they’re not really my thing. It’s hard to concentrate on a romance book when I’m too busy rolling my eyes at how perfect everything is. So instead, I went the thriller + zombie road, of course. … More February 2021 Book Wrap Up

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A Valentine’s Day Embroidery

I’m not much of a Valentine’s day fan, but I like to use it as an excuse to do something with my partner. Pre-covid we’d have gone out for dinner, something we rarely do because we’re both indoor people. But having something to “celebrate” forces us out of the flat, I get to wear something other than joggers, and he finally decides to shave. … More A Valentine’s Day Embroidery

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January 2021 Book Wrap Up

I read 8 books this month, mostly fiction, although I’ve also read a few non-fiction guides about conscious fashion and veganism. As this wrap up is something I want to do every month, I’ve created a set of categories that I plan to use on every post to keep things organised. What can I say? I’m a virgo, we like lists and categorising things. … More January 2021 Book Wrap Up

almond milk

Making almond milk (Veganuary 2021)

I gave up cow’s milk months ago when I first tried to go full vegan for a week. Since then, I’ve been drinking soy milk in my tea, and almond or oat milk for my cereal and milkshakes.
One of my resolutions for 2021, was to try to make my own plant-based milk, and I decided that Veganuary was the perfect time to do that. … More Making almond milk (Veganuary 2021)

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My Christmas books for December

It’s that time of the year again! The time when every book recommendation list is all about Christmas-themed novels. Which I usually ignore because I don’t like this holiday. But I’ve spent this year reading thrillers and supernatural fiction, so I thought maybe this December could be a month for romantic winter books set during Christmas. … More My Christmas books for December

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