Mental Health

I’ve been exploring and learning more about my mental health. I’ve mostly been reading books and blog posts about Anxiety, Introversion and being on the Autism Spectrum. I’ve been collecting research and just writing my own thoughts. Feel free to read my blog posts about it if you’re interested.

Reading Odd Girl Out and being on the Autism Spectrum

A year ago, I started going to therapy to figure out why I have social anxiety and how to manage it. I’ve always been shy and felt awkward around people. When I was a kid, I was told that was normal, some even found it cute, but I always got the same response from adults,…

Personal entry: An introvert’s survival kit

I was reading Quiet Girl in a Noisy World by Debbie Tung, and I fell in love with the illustrations of her life as an introvert. She described exactly how I feel, and I related so much to all the situations she illustrated. I enjoyed her book, but what most captured my attention was her…

Reading “Quiet” and my life as an introvert

Growing up, I always knew I was quiet, more so than my classmates, preferring to read in a corner instead of playing with other kids, but I grew up with Gilmore Girls as my shelter, so I always assumed my behaviour, like Rory’s, was normal, until I got older.

How I’m coping with SAD (Seasonal affective disorder)

I’ve noticed since I’ve gotten older that the colder months affect me more than they used to. I love autumn and winter, rainy days, cold walks in the woods, long scarves… I spend my summers wishing for days like these, but when the time comes, the cold weather also affects my moods in ways I’m…

Personal entry: SAD and other thoughts

I feel betrayed by one of the things I love the most, autumn. I always loved that it was dark before 5 pm in the colder months; I found it cosy and exciting. Now, I just feel trapped. I get up when it’s still dark, go to work and come home when it’s getting darker.