My embroideries

It took a pandemic and an extremely long lockdown, but I’ve developed a new hobby: embroidery!

I like buying cute designs on Etsy to support small brands, but sometimes I design my own after hours of scrolling through Pinterest and drawing multiple hoops with my watercolours.
I’m not an expert on embroidering, I’m still learning a lot of new stitches, but I wanted to start this page on my blog to keep a record of all my hoops.

winter embroidery

Craftpod’s Winter Box 2020/21

Another season, another Craftpod! Winter is my second favourite season, so I was very excited to receive this box. I had high expectations, assuming the project would be a traditional Christmas design or a snowy scene. So I was definitely surprised when the theme for the box were swans. … More Craftpod’s Winter Box 2020/21

fox autumn embroidery

Designing an autumn embroidery

I designed an autumn embroidery for the first time. I did a quick research on Pinterest and Etsy for autumn embroideries, and most of them had a few things in common: there were foxes, pumpkins and oak leaves, with the occasional red mushrooms and acorns. I wanted to do a traditional autumn embroidery, so I decided to include all of the typical elements. … More Designing an autumn embroidery