Craftpod’s Autumn 2021 Box

Every season I look forward to getting my Craftpod box, it’s honestly a big highlight in my monotonous life. I love the surprise of not knowing what projects they’ve planned for the season, growing my collection of DMC threads and trying new things.

I got this box for free after winning their seasonal photography contest. Every season, the Craftpod team chooses the best picture on Instagram. I was very surprised when my spring craftpod won, though it still remains one of my favourite boxes.

This season’s projects were a set of three mini embroideries and a hoop with a printed design. I love the Autumn Favourites illustration and the rosehip pin that came with the box.

craftpod autumn 2021

Most of this box was completed while rewatching Scandal for the fourth time. I hate her relationship with the president, yet here I am watching the show again. I could write a whole post about how toxic their relationship is, but we’re here to embroider instead.

Mini Autumn Embroideries

Tiny embroidery hoops are so cute. I want to create a whole collection. This project was very fun to make, especially building the hoops after the embroideries were done. It took me ages to get the designs centred, but I think they look lovely.

Autumn Landscape Embroidery

I’m not a fan of this design, I like the concept and the colours, but the overall design isn’t my style. I think the landscape is too minimalist for my taste, I would’ve prefered something more realistic.

autumn craftpod 2021

I’m looking forward to the winter box. I’ve no idea of what to expect, they always surprise me with a theme I would never have thought of, like the swans in the 2020 winter box.

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