Craftpod’s Winter Box 2020/21

Another season, another Craftpod! Winter is my second favourite season, so I was very excited to receive this box. I had high expectations, assuming the project would be a traditional Christmas design or a snowy scene. So I was definitely surprised when the theme for the box was swans. I liked that the design was more original than the usual winter embroideries, but I’m just not a swan person. I honestly don’t know where to hang this hoop, it doesn’t go with my decor, at all. Nevertheless, I had fun embroidering it!

The Winter Box

The design needed relatively easy stitches, mostly back-stitch and french knots (which I still haven’t perfected). The swan came printed on the fabric, and the only stitches required were to outline the swan and add a crown using a glittery gold thread. I was a bit disappointed about this part.
I think it would’ve been fun having to paint the swan with watercolours as part of the project. Mixing paint with embroidery is a technique I want to try this year, I’ve seen many designers using it, and it seems cool.

Embroidering the wreath was the main part of the project. This was my first time mixing felt with embroidery, and I like how it gives it more volume and colour. I think it’s a more original and creative way to create pine cones than just using the usual satin stitch.

winter embroidery

Overall, I’m not mad at this hoop. I think the design, while original, is a bit too corny for me. I almost decided against the gold crown because it’s not my style, but I wanted to see what it’s like to stitch with a glitter thread. And it’s not that different from a standard cotton thread, just a bit stiffer.

Like the autumn box, the winter Craftpod came with a second project to create a felt animal, this time swans, which I haven’t done yet. I still haven’t done the badger that came with the previous box either. I’m just not into felt animals! I’d prefer two embroidery projects or a sewing project instead.
I’m looking forward to the spring box, which is also the last one from my yearly subscription.

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