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June 2022 Book Wrap Up

I hate summer, but I love summery books. I love holiday-related books and summer romances, I get to travel to unique places and live through other people’s stories while I’m stuck in my town working all season. … More June 2022 Book Wrap Up

An introvert's survival kit

Personal entry: An introvert’s survival kit

I was reading Quiet Girl in a Noisy World by Debbie Tung, and I fell in love with the illustrations of her life as an introvert. She described exactly how I feel, and I related so much to all the situations she illustrated. I enjoyed her book, but what most captured my attention was her introvert’s survival kit because I also have one, and I thought it’d be fun to create my own version. … More Personal entry: An introvert’s survival kit

May 2022 Book Wrap Up

May has been a month of great reads. I read nine books, the most I’ve read this year, but that’s what happens when all the books are so great, that they don’t last long. … More May 2022 Book Wrap Up

April 2022 Book Wrap Up

April has been a hard month for me, and I felt like I needed a big hug which is what I feel when I watch Gilmore Girls or read Meik Wiking. I recently watched the whole show, so I opted for Meik Wiking instead. I love the way this man writes and how cosy his books feel. I know the cover and illustrations are designed to make his books make you feel this way, but what can I say? It works. … More April 2022 Book Wrap Up

A spring hike in Bradgate Park

A few weeks ago, I shared my Spring 2022 Bucket List, and one of my main goals was to go on a long nature hike. I want to exercise more and do more outdoor activities this season, and I think walking around country parks is a great way to add that extra activity while still avoiding the depressing gym. … More A spring hike in Bradgate Park

March 2022 Book Wrap Up

March has been a weird month for me. I spent the first two weeks half asleep, high on meds, and the rest not sleeping enough. I’ve already written in a previous post about my surgery, so I won’t repeat myself here. I just mention it because it has really affected my reading. I’ve been unable to concentrate on a book for more than 30 minutes, which means I only managed to read five books this month. I know, I’m ashamed of myself. … More March 2022 Book Wrap Up

Spring 2022 Bucket List

A new season is starting, and even though I’m an autumn girl at heart, I also love spring, as it represents new beginnings, and it’s usually a season that combines a lot of rain with sunny days. The start of the season is still sweater weather, and you can even get away with wearing a beret.

More Spring 2022 Bucket List

Personal entry: Getting surgery

It’s only been ten days since the start of March, and I can already tell you this month sucks. I got jaw surgery last week because I was born with a beautifully messed up bone structure that would only get worse with age until it’d be impossible for me to eat and breathe properly. So after saving for years, I finally got surgery. They cut me open, readjusted my jaw, cut a few bones and added a nose job so my face would look symmetrical. … More Personal entry: Getting surgery


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