My first autumn embroidery

Autumn is my favourite season, in case it wasn’t obvious for all the autumn-related posts I have on this blog. I think is the change in the leaves and the start of cold weather that make autumn the best season.

I wanted to commemorate the start of autumn with an embroidery hoop that had all of the seasonal classics: yellow oak leaves, berries, acorns and foxes, all in orange and brown threads. After checking multiple websites, I found the iconic design by LeaflingBags on Etsy, and I got to work.

This design had a new stitch I’d never done before, the long and short stitch, which I used on the fox and the branches, and I think it gives a nice texture to the embroidery. I’m finally getting better at controlling the lazy daisy stitch and the french knots, although I struggled a bit while I was giving shape to the acorn.

My next project is the Craftpod Autumn box, which I hope to get soon, followed by a cute Halloween-inspired design.