A small winter cross-stitch

I’ve been in a kind of craft slump. After my failed first attempt at knitting a scarf, I was incapable of crafting anything at all until I bought this old Craftpod kit on Etsy. I thought an easy, fast project like this cute winter cross-stitch would help me get out of my crafter’s block. And it did; it even gave me enough motivation to try to knit a new scarf. I have the wool skeins starting at me as I write this.

I got this little cross-stitch from Craftpod’s 2019 Winter box. It took me two evenings of rewatching Scandal to complete the project. I’d forgotten how much I like to cross-stitch. I used to think it was boring, too simple compared to embroidery, but I’ve noticed that cross-stitch is a great distraction to get your mind off things, and completing each stitch feels like completing a puzzle.

This design is super cute, I love the nordic house with the trees and snow, and the red threat gives it a Christmas feel. I don’t usually like Christmas decorations, but this hoop looks great.

I got my new winter Craftpod last week, and I can’t wait to start it. I love the theme for their last 2021 box. I’ll post it here when I finish it.

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