Knitting a scarf for the first time

I started 2021 with some basic goals, one was to read more non-fiction, which I ended up loving, explore a vegan diet, reduce my use of plastic, etc. But one of the most challenging goals was to learn to knit a scarf. So I decided to tackle that in November, when finally, after what felt like months, I managed to knit what looks and feels like a big, wobbly scarf. The scarf you see here was my second attempt, as I failed dramatically the first time, which I won’t post here because it’s too embarrassing to even show a handful of strangers on the internet.

I got my wool from Wool and the Gang, a site that sells kits with everything you’ll need to complete a project. I chose one of their beginner kits that came with three wool balls, a pattern and howto booklet, one pair of 15mm knitting needles and a wide needle. Each project has an estimated “making time”, and I feel cheated. This project was advertised as something you can complete in 6 hours, but for me, even after ignoring the three times I had to start over again because I kept adding too many stitches, it took me the whole first season of Quantico to complete. I have a love-hate relationship with this show, not sure why I keep forcing myself to watch it.

Because this was a beginner kit, the scarf used only the garter stitch. It took me a while to figure out how knitting works, but the Wool and the Gang site has a section with video guides which I would scream at repeatedly asking, “Why? How??? HOW DO YOU DO IT??” but after a while, I figured it out. It turns out this scarf was pretty easy to knit.

I choose a colourblock design with three colours: wild mushroom, eucalyptus green and mellow mauve, which look great against my boring black coat.

Here’s a collection of me trying to awkwardly show off my scarf in a cemetery.

I actually loved learning how to knit, and I want to try new techniques in 2022, though I’ll be sticking with beginner projects for now. This year I’ve embroidered, learned to cross-stitch, and now, knitting. What’s next? Crochet maybe?

One thought on “Knitting a scarf for the first time

  1. Your scarf turned out quite nicely. I learned to knit taking a class at a local yarn shop in 2015, it took me forever to make a simple pot holder but finally mastered it. I still get those extra stitches and spend more time unraveling what I make, this year I am going to once again try a beaded scarf. Now crocheting I can just about do with my eyes closed.


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