Autumn bucket list

Isn’t it crazy that it’s already late September? Autumn’s just started, I’m back in England, and I already have my autumn clothes out. But it feels like the weather hasn’t caught up with the season yet. The air in my town is still warm, most trees are still green, and there are no pumpkins in sight. Every time I look out the window and see someone wearing shorts, I get so frustrated. Where is my autumn?
Shops don’t even have Halloween decor yet. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being disappointed over the lack of Halloween decorations in England. I know it’s an American thing, and I’ve watched too many movies, but Halloween is my favourite holiday, and it always gets overlooked by Christmas-eager people.

Like every year, I’ve made lots of plans for this season, and I’m super excited for the cold months to start. I created an autumn bucket list last year, but I couldn’t complete it. Life and a pandemic got in the way. I hope to finish it this year, now that restrictions are mostly over. 

My autumn 2021 bucket list

willow's autumn bucket list

Make pumpkin spice hot chocolate
I’ve never had pumpkin spice anything, so I don’t know if I’ll like this, but I’m excited to give it a go. I’ve found a few recipes on Pinterest that look great. There are recipes for white and dark hot chocolate, but I think I’ll start with the classic milk hot chocolate.

Rewatch all the Gilmore Girls episodes
What are you doing with your life if you didn’t start rewatching Gilmore Girls the second September 22nd hit? Gilmore Girls is the show I’ve seen the most times. I don’t watch it every year, though I did rewatch it in 2020 because last year would’ve been too miserable without the Gilmore family. This time I’m watching it with my partner who’s never seen it, and I’m terrified he’ll hate the show, and I’ll have to break up with him.

Visit a pumpkin patch and carve a pumpkin
I got better at carving pumpkins last year, and I took my pumpkin family to the next level. I ended up having five pumpkins, one big and four small ones, to decorate my flat during Halloween. I can’t wait to go pumpkin hunting this year!

Read spooky books at candlelight (at night)
Is there a better way to spend an evening than reading a good haunting book with scented candles, tea and a big cosy blanket? I have a long list of spooky books to read in October, mostly witches and ghost stories, my favourite for this time of year.

Bake vegan Halloween cookies
Last year I baked different types of cookies for Halloween, but this time, I want to focus on the classic sugar cookies, but following a vegan recipe.

Knit a scarf
I’m already 27, and I still can’t knit, which I find unacceptable, so this is the year I’ll learn. My first project is a scarf, which should be easy, right? I’ve found this site that sells knitting kits for beginners, so we shall see.

Find the perfect beret
I own too many hats and berets that I never wear because they’re too big for me, so this autumn, I’m on a mission to find a cute beret that fits me perfectly.

Go on a nature hike
I love spending time in nature, and walking in the woods seeing the leaves turn is one of my favourite outdoor activities. I have a specific place I like to visit in autumn, near where I live, and it turns completely orange in November.

Roast chestnuts
I saw this activity when I read The Little Book of Hygge, and I immediately wanted to try it. Roasting chestnuts in autumn is a typical tradition in some parts of Spain. I remember walking around Barcelona when I was in uni, and street vendors were selling them freshly roasted, but I never thought of cooking them myself.

Buy scented autumn candles
I love buying soy candles on Etsy. There are so many cool designs like Taylor Swift album inspired, Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter themed, and just autumn classics like pumpkin spice or sweater weather.

This was my autumn bucket list! The aim is to complete it by December 21st, when winter starts. I hope the weather realises it’s autumn and I can start wearing my brown coat and boots, because my weak autumn girl heart won’t survive any more heat waves this year.

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