Halloween movie calendar for October

halloween movies
This collage shows the amount of free time I have

Here it is! The best month of the year, October! One of my favourite activities is watching spooky movies on a rainy night, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. So October is the perfect month to rewatch old creepy classics and to discover new films. And because I can’t ever decide what to watch, I’ve made a calendar. I already made one last year. You can find it here. I’ve included some of the movies from last year because either I didn’t have time to watch them, or they are so good that they deserve to be watched again.

My Halloween movie calendar

I’ve included a varied selection of movies, from new releases that I haven’t seen yet, to childhood classics and some oldies from the 70s, 80s and 90s. I don’t like horror and slasher films, so I’ve only included Scream. Last year, I added a few more but I couldn’t finish them.

halloween movie calendar

Witchy Week

I’ve included a week of only witchy movies that contain the best classics, plus a remake of The Craft from 2020 that I haven’t seen but looked decent. I love movies about witches, so I can already tell this will be a great week. Practical Magic and Harry Potter should make any boring evening way better.

Vampire Week

When I added Twilight, I knew I’d be incapable of continuing my week without watching the whole series. I know the acting in Twilight is terrible, especially the first one, and some of the dialogue makes me cringe so hard. Still, they get better in every movie and honestly, if you don’t like hot vampires and werewolves, what are you doing on my blog? Vampire Academy is another classic, and I’m heartbroken they never continued the series, but there’s a new show in the works, so hopefully that’ll be good?


The oldest movie I’ve included is The Rocky Horror Picture show from 1975. I love the soundtrack of this musical, but I’ve never seen the movie. I also have a few from the 80s, The Witches of Eastwick, An American Werewolf in London, Clue and Ghostbusters, followed by 90s films, which I don’t consider old, but I guess they are in the eyes of Gen Z.

New Releases

I love classics, but sometimes I want to watch something new, so I’ve included movies released in the last few years that I know nothing about but had a good trailer. I can’t wait to watch them, though there’s the possibility I’ll regret adding them here if they’re terrible.

So that’s my calendar for 2021. You can check the one I made last year for more recommendations. Now let the spooky nights begin!

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