A tiny sloth embroidery

Welcome to my first post for spring 2021, nothing has changed since winter. My city is still in lockdown, and I’m still doing embroidery.

I’m subscribed to the Love Embroidery magazine that I get delivered every month with around fifteen projects and plenty of embroidery ideas that I never do. I like sitting down with a cup of tea and reading the magazine because apparently I’m 66 instead of 26, but that’s what I do. I’ll reserve a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I’ll get a cup of Earl Grey or Chamomile, depending on the mood, read the magazine and write down in my bullet journal all the projects I want to follow, but then I don’t do them.

love embroidery magazine

I came upon the design of the fat sloth, and I found it so funny and cute I decided I was going to stop browsing and actually embroider something. This design was from the Beginners section, so it was pretty easy to follow although I made a few changes. I didn’t follow the colour instructions, and I made the sloth even fatter because funny, and I took some liberties with the leaves.

I think because I focused on making its body bigger, I forgot to do the same with the head, so it looks like its head is a bit too small for its body, but I think that’s what makes him even cuter.

The stitches for this embroidery were Fishbone, Lazy Daisy and Satin Stitch for the leaves, Stem Stitch for the branches and Split Stitch for the sloth.

sloth embroidery

I like embroidering while I listen to a podcast or watch a show, and in this case, this sloth is sponsored by the first two seasons of Sex And The City. There was a lot of complaining about Mr Big while I was finishing this hoop.

I’ve decided to do another project from the magazine, before I get the new issue next month. I just need to try to follow the instructions this time.

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