My favourite outfits for November

Just as I started writing this post, it was announced that England would start its second national lockdown in early November, preventing me from wearing any of the outfits I had created for this post, yay!

I organised my capsule wardrobe for autumn in mid-September, and because I haven’t been out that much, I’ve only used half of the clothes I selected. I live in a city that has always had one of the highest numbers of cases in England, so I try to go out as least as possible, and when I do, it’s just to buy groceries, walk around the park or to visit my favourite bookshop. So a new lockdown won’t change my life that much, but it makes this post a bit pointless. Nevertheless, here are my favourite outfits for November which I have appropriately named for each occasion.

I’m about to spend 3 hours in a bookshop

I dressed like a Friends character to visit this coffee shop

I look too cute for just a walk around the park

I’m being forced to go to the office today

I haven’t showered in three days but I needed some groceries

I’ll have to say goodbye to my Saturday morning routine of getting a hot chocolate in Caffè Nero, walking to the town’s bookshop, visiting other vintage shops and then getting Chinese takeout on the way home. But this is what 2020 is like, bring back the 24/7 pyjamas!