My one year blog anniversary

Today marks the day when I decided to start writing again and created this blog a year ago. My first post was 2020 was going to be my year, because, in January 2020, I did something I rarely do, I had expectations. I had exciting plans and a feeling that this year was going to be great. But, God, was I wrong. I don’t think I should ever trust my intuition. I spent most of 2020 heartbroken over something as absurd as cancelled trips. I didn’t lose my job, no one close to me got sick, and my life didn’t change much, other than not being allowed to go out. So I had no right to complain, but I still felt sad and depressed.

During the first months of the pandemic, I fell into a routine of going from the bed to the sofa and from the sofa to the bed. My days were blurry, each day was the same as the last and the same as it would be next. I had nothing to look forward to, no plans or anything exciting going on, and I started feeling stuck in a life that was going nowhere. That’s when I started this blog. I thought planning monthly posts and having something to write about would help me be more excited about things, and I was right.

willow in winter desk

August 2020 was the month I felt my worst. I was tired and bored, the only thing keeping me hopeful was Taylor Swift releasing a secret album, Folklore. But starting this blog has helped me be more excited for minor things in life, like reading eight books a monthcarving a pumpkinbaking Christmas cookiesgoing on dates by myself, or even taking on a new hobby like embroidery. I suddenly had to do stuff, so I could have something to write about every month.

This isn’t a post of how blogging has changed my life, it hasn’t, but it has kept me entertained during a year where I felt trapped and lost. I honestly don’t think I would’ve done half of the things I did in the last 365 days if it weren’t for this blog. It has given me an excuse to write more and to enjoy the little things.

I’ve been gaining more followers recently, something I didn’t expect. So if you’re reading this and are one of them, thank you so much for following my blog, it means a lot! And if you’ve never been here before but got curious and decided to click on this post, thanks for visiting, I hope you stay for a while.

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