Digital Journal: August favourites and monthly recap

I’m so glad august is mostly over. It’s been a very long (and hot) summer. I’m so ready for rainy days and cosy sweaters. That’s what I’ve mostly been doing this month, dreaming of colder weather and planning my autumn.

I mostly ignored the fact it was still summer by reading witchy books and covering myself in the cosy blanket that is 90’s witchy shows. Nothing beats an evening marathon of Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

But my favourite tv show this month has to be Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. I loved it! As someone who grew up with the original Pretty Little Liars, the books and the multiple spin-offs, I was surprised to discover this one is way better. It has less drama and more creepiness. The Halloween atmosphere also helped me get in the mood for autumn. I’ll never stop recommending this show, and I can’t wait for season 2!

August 2022 Favourites

Besides hiding in books and shows, I also took on the cosy hobby of puzzles. I completed three this month. I even hung one above my desk. It all started as a desperate need to put my brain on hold and focus all my energy on an easy and distracting activity like a 1000-piece puzzle. A simple ritual of putting on a comedy podcast, making a cup of tea and spending hours completing a puzzle has helped manage my anxiety. There’s something very soothing about just putting cardboard pieces together and not having to think about anything else.

For movies, I watched Look Both Ways with Lili Reinhart. The film starts with a twenty-year-old taking a pregnancy test. In one reality, she’s pregnant and has to put her life on hold, on the other, the test is negative, and she gets to move to LA with her best friend to chase her dream of becoming an illustrator. I liked that concept of exploring what could’ve been.

My music tastes have taken me to late summer/early autumn folk vibes, comforted by Lord Huron albums and Taylor Swift’s Folklore.

Of course, I also started some light Halloween shopping as the TKMaxx in my town started displaying all of their Halloween decor early this month. It seemed a bit early, but I won’t say no to pumpkin mugs and black-magic candles.

After spending too much money on puzzles and streaming platform subscriptions, I’ve also been hiding at my favourite Japanese restaurant that reopened this month after being closed since early spring. I’ve been having lunch there every weekend. I can’t stop. Their food is too good. I live for their teriyaki tofu.

I’m disappointed every time I open my weather app to find out it’s still going to be hot today and the rest of the week. But no fear, Winter is coming…. at some point. For now, I’ve gotten all my autumn clothes out of storage and hung them in my closet because I’m delusional and won’t accept that come September, the temperature will stay the same for a while.

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