Autumn 2022 mood board and colour palette

It’s officially autumn! After an endless summer full of heat waves and ice tea, autumn graces us with her presence. The air is getting colder, the brown leaves are falling, and my closet has returned to its preferred form, full of cardigans, sweaters and witchy boots.

I love dressing for autumn. Most of my closet is just plaid skirts, cardigans in different shades of brown, cosy sweaters, scarves, berets, knee socks… I live for this season and everything that comes with it. I thought it’d be fun to create a mood board inspired by two autumnal icons, Rory Gilmore and Taylor Swift. 

Summer has been so long and hot that I need autumn to be the complete opposite. I need cold foggy walks, mystery books, candlelight, Gilmore Girls, plaided coats and Taylor Swift songs.

Evermore mood board

evermore aesthetic

Evermore by Taylor Swift is one of my favourite albums. All of it screams autumn. I think Evermore provides a very varied autumn feel, it has witchy vibes with Willow, folkloric scenes with Ivy, and orangey tones with Evermore

evermore mood board

For Evermore, I want to wear warm tones like burned orange and dark brown for longer and darker days, and soft greens and off-whites for those foggy and sunny mornings.

The perfect Evermore outfit is an oversized plaid coat, a vintage witchy dress in off-white or light green and lace-up boots.

Evermore inspired autumn activities

There are so many activities that come to mind when I listen to Evermore, but here are my favourites:

  • Long hikes in the woods
  • Reading at candlelight
  • Bonfire nights
  • DIY autumn decorations
  • Thrift a witchy outfit
  • Foggy morning walks

Rory Gilmore moodboard and colour palette

rory gilmore aesthetic

Watching Gilmore Girls as a young teen is what started my love for autumn. I can’t think of this season without thinking of Stars Hollow covered in pumpkins and orange leaves.

rory gilmore mood board

Rory usually wears colder tones in different shades of blue combined with light and dark brown and black.

Her style is a combination of dark academia with y2k small-town girl fashion. Whenever I channel my inner Rory, I usually wear a plaided mini skirt, a chunky knit sweater, comfy ankle boots, a long scarf and a straight-cut winter coat. And of course, I always carry a book with me.

Rory Gilmore inspired autumn activities

  • Reading at a cafe
  • Baking cookies
  • Host a movie marathon
  • Visit second-hand bookshops
  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Roast marshmallows and make hot chocolate

I’m so happy it’s autumn. I can’t wait to wear cosy outfits and to go on long walks in the woods. And to have pumpkins everywhere!

Things I’m looking forward to this season are the new Taylor Swift album, Midnights, coming out in October, reading lots of witchy books, trying out new hot chocolate recipes and rewatching Gilmore Girls.

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