Spring 2022 Bucket List

A new season is starting, and even though I’m an autumn girl at heart, I also love spring, as it represents new beginnings, and it’s usually a season that combines a lot of rain with sunny days. The start of the season is still sweater weather, and you can even get away with wearing a beret.

As I wrote in my previous post, I’m currently recovering from jaw surgery, so when planning my bucket list for spring, I had to choose simple things I could do while I recover. It will be a long process, but I look forward to this new season. I want to wear cute flowery dresses and go on nature hikes. I want to discover new recipes (once I’m able to eat something other than just soup), and I want to finish crocheting a top I started months ago.

My Spring 2022 Bucket List

spring bucket list

Try new recipes with in-season veggies

I’m so tired of only being able to eat soup that I spend ages on the Tasty app just saving new vegetarian and vegan recipes to try in the future. I also follow multiple foodie Instagram accounts that talk about the veggies and fruits that are in-season every month, so one of my goals is to buy seasonal products and test new recipes every week.

Grow herbs in my window sill

This was a failed experiment last year. As someone with zero experience growing anything, I tried to grow too many herbs at once, making it impossible to look after them. Some never grew, others died too fast. But this year, I’m sticking to chives, thyme and spring onions, which aren’t herbs, but are easy to grow and keep alive.

Have a picnic in the park

I love spending a nice Sunday morning in the park, with a good book and snacks. I don’t even need a full meal to consider it a picnic. You just need a blanket, a book or watercolours, sandwiches and a cold drink, in my case, lemony iced tea.

Go on a nature walk

There are some great nature hikes close to where I live that I don’t visit enough. I love walking around them, especially when a new season starts and you can see the change in the leaves and flowers. I know I sound super corny, but I just love a good walk.

Pick wild flowers on nature walks

Connected to my previous point, I’ve never done this before, but I’ve seen great flower buckets made from wild flowers that would add colour and life to my tiny city flat.

Read three bestselling spring books

This is really a goal for my whole year, to read one bestselling book a month to stay in the loop.

Clean out my closet and donate clothes I don’t use

I vowed to stop buying fast fashion last year, and if I did cave, I promised only to buy the things I actually needed. So far, I’ve managed to do that, but my closet is full of clothes I don’t wear. I have a capsule wardrobe for each season, which means I stick to 30 items or so for three months, but I have a big suitcase filled with clothes that never get included and that I should just donate to charity.

Thrift a floral spring dress

I know I live in England and that the weather is a bit weird here, you might get two weeks of real warm weather or just months and months of rain. But I want that dress, that cute floral spring dress for that rare day of sunshine when it’s warm enough to go out without tights. I’m waiting for that occasion, I just need the dress.

Crochet my first top

A project I started in January and that sits discarded by my bed because it turns out crotcheting is really hard! I’m working on a mauve sleeveless top that will hopefully be finished before summer starts.

I’m currently in Spain until the start of April, and spring is already starting to show here. Flowers are growing, it rains almost daily, and the weather is getting warmer. I look forward to getting back to England, so I can go on my long walks around my favourite park and visit my favourite bookshop. Until then, I will just lay down with my cats, eating soup and dreaming of the day I can order teriyaki tofu from my favourite restaurant near my flat.

One thought on “Spring 2022 Bucket List

  1. You have some wonderful things on your Spring bucket list and I hope soon you will be able to try out some new recipes and get away from just soup. Herbs in the window can be tricky because the sun shining on the glass may heat the plants too much. I clean out my closet Spring and Autumn most years and always find a few things to donate. A flowery dress can be great right into the summer.


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