Summer 2022 bucket list (heatwave edition)

Do you know what the world desperately needs in 2022? Multiple heatwaves happening at the same time, just to shake things up a bit. England is experiencing never-seen-before heat. We’ve just reached 39°C in my city, and it’s driving my little autumn heart insane.

I can’t believe the temperatures we’re experiencing. Just a few weeks ago, in June, the weather was so nice. We had an average of 16°C. It was a bit cold with a breeze but sunny enough for long evening walks. I could wear a light jacket, and sometimes it rained. It looked like it was going to be a perfect summer. But now, that amazing summer weather is gone.

But even though I hate the summer, it also means we’re a few months closer to autumn, so to try to stay positive during this awful weather, I’ve made a quick list of things I could do this season. Since I live right in the centre of England with no access to the coast, most of my summer activities might not be that summery.

My summer 2022 bucket list

Read summer travel books

There’s something about summer books that you can’t find anywhere else. The travel and romance combination is just perfect. Some of the best writers in this genre for me are Jenny Han and Emily Henry.

Take long evening walks

I love those days when there’s still light at 9 pm, you can go for long walks, and the air is still warm. It’s just the perfect way to end a long boring work day.

Watch the sunset in my favourite park

Where are you when the sun sets and the sky turns all those beautiful colours? I’m usually staring at my computer screen watching a show. Clear summer days are the best to watch colourful sunsets, but I can’t see much from my city apartment. But my favourite park has the perfect view.

Enjoy the summer rain

I think rain smells different in the summer. The combination of the hot ground against the cold rain creates a beautiful, distinctive smell. I’m still waiting for a rainy day during this heatwave so I can walk around with my umbrella and make my autumn heart happy.

Wear summer dresses

There are like two weeks a year when it’s hot enough for me to wear those tiny floral dresses I buy in Spain but that I never get to wear in England. But when the rare heat comes, I’m always too lazy and end up wearing my usual jean shorts. But this year, I’m trying to wear as many cute summer outfits as possible.

Have a picnic in the park

The park can get so crowded during a nice summer day that it’s hard to find a nice spot with no barbeques or screaming children. But once you find the perfect spot, a picnic with a good summer book is one of my favourite things.

So that’s my small bucket list. I’m hopeful the heat will go down soon so I can go back to my cardigans and cool summer air. I also need rain, lots of rain.

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